Enjoy the Exotic Cuisine of the Land of Rajas, Rajasthan

Rajasthan, Rajputana, the land of Rajas or kings is a state pulsating with life. The people are friendly and affable by nature. The beauty of the golden sands of the desert, the plush palaces and havelis add magic to the exquisiteness of this land.

The cuisine of Rajasthan is rich, exotic and mainly vegetarian. A variety of curries and sweets, a range of unique, spicy and rich dishes are prepared here.

The vegetarian food is mainly of two types, food for common man and food for Marwari Jains. An assortment of spices and herbs are used in the food prepared by the common people while the food prepared by the Marwaries is cooked without onion and garlic. Popular dishes include gate ki sabzi, khichra, dal bati churma etc.

People here also savor non-vegetarian food prepared from lamb, chicken, pea-cock etc. Some well liked dishes are safed maas, maas ki kadhi, laal maas a very spicy dish, etc. In the kitchens of Rajas, the recipes of the dishes were passed on from father to son and these were not disclosed to others.

Due to the shortage of water and green vegetables in the desert area, butter milk, butter and milk are used during cooking. Pulses, beans, gram flour and spices like garlic, turmeric, coriander, cumin seeds, red chillies etc. are commonly used.

Cuisine of different places:

Jaipur – The pink city of Jaipur is known for its vegetarian cuisine as well as the sweets. The most popular dishes are Dal Bati Churma, Ghevar  and  Dal ki Kachoudi. Kachoudi and Jalebi are served for breakfast.

Jodhpur – Jodhpur is known for its spicy and sweet dishes. Every meal starts with a sweet dish like ladoos, and ends with Dal Batti. Creamy lassi is also served with the meal. Pyaaz kachouri, Besan ki chaaki, maakhan vade are some of the popular food items of Jodhpur.

Jaisalmer – The cuisine here is traditional and reflects the rich cultural inheritance. The vast assortment of dishes is prepared with fewer amounts of oil and lots of chilli. The food is spicy and hot. Some of the popular dishes are Ker Sangri, Kadi pakora, and bhanon aloo.

Some popular food Items of Rajasthan:

Rajasthani Dal – This dal is part of the famous Dal Baati recipe. It is prepared with Bengal gram, green gram, ginger, turmeric, asafetida, cumin seeds, onion, red chillies, amchur, ghee and salt.

Ghevar – This special sweet dish is generally prepared during the festivals of Teej and Rakhi. It is made from maida, corn flour, ghee, sugar, milk, kewra essence, soda bicarbonate, silver vark, and almonds.

Ker Sangri – This is prepared from dried ker (beans), dried beans (sangria), yogurt, olive oil, cumin seeds, red chillies, garlic paste, ginger, turmeric, coriander, amchur, garlic and salt.

Jodhpuri Vegetable Pulao – This recipe is from the royal kitchen of Rajas. It is prepared with cauliflower, fresh green peas, basmati rice, cumin seeds, ghee, fennel seeds, raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, dried dates, ginger paste, yogurt, garam masala, black pepper corns and salt.


So, if you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, you must try some of these exotic Rajasthani dishes like gatte ki sabzi and kadhi. The beauty of this desert region enthralls your heart and soul. To get the best taste in Rajasthani Food items, one must check the Ramdev food Masalas.

Benefits of Fennel seeds when used In Indian Recipes

Fennel plant is a perennial herb that grows up to five feet and is cultivated all over the world. All parts of the plant, bulb, stalk, leaves and the fruit (seeds) are edible. The seeds are used for cooking as well as for medicinal purposes.

The seeds have a sweet, warm and aromatic taste. All over the world these are very popular and are widely used in food items. Store them in a cool and dry place, in an air tight container.

Culinary Uses of Fennel seeds:

  • Fennel seeds are used to flavor soups, salads and eggs.
  • It is used to marinate chicken and fish.
  • It is added to curries for the sweet flavor and also in cheese spreads.
  • It is one of the important herb in mixed spices used to flavor vegetable dishes and curries.
  • Fennel seeds are used to make pickles.
  • These are used to flavor breads, cakes, biscuits, dough and cheese.
  • It is eaten after meals for its odor and it aids in digestion.
  • Fennel seed powder is used to flavor vegetable and non vegetarian dishes.
  • Powder form is used to sprinkle on soups, stocks and salads.
  • It is also used in pizza, pasta and egg and non vegetarian dishes.

Benefits of using Fennel seeds in food:

  • Fennel seeds help to cure bad breath and it aids digestion. When eaten after a meal it not only acts as a mouth freshener but the phytoestrogens in it help to digest the food.
  • Fennel seeds help to relax the intestines and it reduces bloating which is caused due to indigestion.
  • Syrup made from fennel seeds is used to treat babies for colic pain and pain due to teething.
  • The antioxidants in fennel seeds remove harmful free radicals from the body and protect it against infections, heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, aging etc.
  • The seeds are a good source of dietary fibre which helps to ease constipation. The fibre balances the metabolism, and cleans the colon.
  • Fennel seeds are a very rich source of vitamins and minerals. Copper helps to produce red blood cells, iron is needed by the body to make red blood cells, zinc helps to regulate the growth of the  individual, proper digestion of food etc.
  • The seeds help you to see better especially in people suffering from glaucoma.
  • Fennel seeds improve the mental processes of memory, reasoning etc. so it keeps dementia away.
  • The seeds have the property to expel uric acid from the body and help people suffering from arthritis. The essential oil in the seeds helps to remove the toxic elements in the blood.
  • The seeds contain chemicals, anethol and cineole, which help to clear lungs of any congestion, cough and cold. People suffering from allergic bronchitis or asthma benefit by eating these seeds.
  • These are very beneficial to nursing mothers as the digestive properties are transferred to the child during breastfeeding and it helps to cure colic pain.


Fennel seeds are a marvel spice with loads of health benefits. So, use it in your food or eat it as such to get all the benefits of this remarkable spice.