Instant Mixes – Faster Way of Cooking Lip Smacking Food

In order to manage the busy working schedules, present day women are trying to find easier and faster ways of cooking lip smacking food. Instant Mixes provide homemakers a convenient and faster way of making different kinds of time consuming tasty food items. Keeping in view the tastes and likes of the people, Ramdev Food Products puts in its experience to create exotic range of instant mixes for preparing mouth watering food suited to the diverse eating habits of the people. These mixes, usually consisting of processed cereals, pulses, condiments, Indian spices or other foods mixed in varying combinations, promise the Indian homemaker with less effort requiring tasty Indian dishes. Instant mixes at Ramdev Food Products are readily available for a plethora of preparations like the traditional gulab jamun mix, idli mix, dosa mix, dhokla mix, dalwada mix, dahiwada mix, khaman mix, pizza mix and instant methi gota mix.

Instant idli mix and dosa mix:

Having good nutrient values idlis are perfect fit into the insubstantial menu of morning breakfast and evening snacks. The traditionally made batter of idli mix available in different packing sizes is the best way to prepare fluffy, soft, and light idlis easily. When it comes to the most savored and popular south Indian breakfast item, first thing that comes to the mind are crispy, smooth and authentic dosas which can be easily prepared without traditional elaborate steps by our best made instant dosa mix. Continue reading

Chillies – How Chillies are Cultivated, Benefits of Chillies

Chilly is the indispensable ingredient of daily cuisine all over the world. It is difficult to imagine Indian cuisine without chillies. Chilly is the fruit of plants belonging to Capsicum genus and Solanaceae family. The origin of chillies is believed to be in Mexico which further traveled to India through a Portuguese explorer Vasco-da-Gama. Since then chillies are used as basic ingredients for every kind of Indian food. With their unmatched medicinal properties, Chillies have become an integral part of ayurveda which is traditional medical system of India.

Ramdev Food Products, a leading processor and exporter of chilly powder, supplies the best varieties of well packed and fresh Kashmiri chilly powder. The chilly powder is a highly pungent red powder made by drying and grounding the red chillies. In order to preserve this powder generally small amount of oil is added which also helps to retain the rich red color of the chilly powder. With best infrastructure equipped with finest processing and cleaning machinery Ramdev Food Products excels in manufacturing the best varieties of red chilly powder that add taste to the food and thus form the invariable part of Indian culinary. Continue reading

How Blended Spices are Being Process in India

The Indian climate is highly suitable to produce a broad range of spices and as a result the nation has become a major supplier of spices in the world. Masala is the Hindi word for spice; and is also referred to a mixture of spices, herbs and other condiments grounded together to prepare mouth-watering Indian dishes.

Depending on different recipes and individual tastes, one can use various combination of spices to produce blended Indian spices; such as garam masala, tea masala, pav bhaji masala, chhole masala, panipuri masala, sambhar masala, chat masala, achar masala, sweet achar masala, kanda lasoon masala; compounded asafoetida, hing powder, curry powder, vadapav masala, pulav masala, dabeli masala and sandwich masala. Continue reading