Indian Spices that Help You in Weight Loss

How Eating Enhances Weight Gain?

Eating fried food items and starch rich food varieties creates the sense to eat more and more. Thus frequent eating and over eating habits enhances weight gain in a short period of time.

List of Spice Varieties that has Weight Management Capacity

Though spice varieties are added to induce flavor and taste to food, they are also rich in medicinal values. Hence, in earlier days more fatty food products like meat, sweets and other fat rich food products were prepared by adding spice varieties that contained fat burning and highly digesting capacities.

Turmeric – To Reduce Inflammation

Stomach inflammation or intestinal inflammation enhances weight gain and consuming turmeric in terms of adding a small quantity in cooking will reduce the inflammation to a great extent. Similarly, turmeric powder also has the capacity to slow down bad cholesterol, prevents blood clot in blood vessels, and indirectly helps prevent heart problems.

Include Cardamom in Food and Increase Metabolic Rate

Cardamom has the capacity to increase metabolism in terms of helping the body to burn excess fat. In Indian food preparations, Cardamom remains one of the prime ingredients and it is widely used in food items that contain fat, oil and excess starch.

Experience Blood Sugar Control with Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the most sensuous spice of all next to cardamom. It has spectacular medicinal values and it helps in burning fat and controlling blood sugar levels to normal. It also supports your digestive system to control frequent hunger thus paving way for weight loss.

Coriander Seeds and Powder -The Most Soothing Spice that Controls Inflammation

Coriander is either available in processed form or as whole seeds which people grind and use in food preparation. It is added to obtain viscosity in gravy food preparations and it remains a soothing ingredient as it will not create inflammation which certain spices like green chilli which enhances inflammation. Hence, Coriander helps in preventing weight gain.

Cumin Seeds for Digestion

Cumin seeds are also used in powder and full seed form in cooking. It contains good medicinal value and was used as a digestion enhancer in earlier days. In India, syrup extracted from boiling cumin seeds in water is given to elders and children to get relief from digestion problems. Fried food products are dangerous factors that enhance weight gain and cumin helps in easy digestion and reduce fat accumulation.

Getting Indian Spices Pure and Original

To check out how spices react in reducing weight gain and manage good health it is recommended that consumers should buy pure and high grade indian spices from genuine suppliers.

Ramdev Food-A Name Known for Purity and Honesty

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Spices are rich in flavor and medicinal values. There are many spice varieties that help reducing weight gain and manage good health.

The Spices used in Preparing Cosmetics

Spice Varieties and Multiplicity of usages

Spices are exclusive range of consumable products extracted from natural resources including variety of plants, herbs, etc. Each spice variety bears unique taste, smell and texture and when they are applied mostly in food preparation. However, cosmetic industry also found to have variety of spice usages.

Industrial Application of Spices

Food industry is the major consumer of spices. The properties of spices differ widely and each variety holds exclusive smell and purpose. Hence, starting from baked products, to making readymade masala items, ice cream and processed food, etc the requirement of spices is very well matched.

Spices used in Cosmetic Industry

Apart from food and medical industry next comes the cosmetic industry which remains one of the areas where specific spices are chosen and extracts from these pleasant smelling ingredients are processed and applied in the preparation of skin care and perfumes.

Forms of Extractions from spices that are applied in beatification aspects

Oil extracted from variety of spices are found to posses impulsive components however, they also expose the properties of fragrance and flavor. The process of steam distillation is generally applied to extract the specific aroma and oil from spice varieties. These by-products are then applied in the preparation of cosmetics, perfumes, toothpastes, etc.

Perfumes made from Spice Oils are safe to use

Among the beauty products, perfumes remain a prominent requirement for consumers. Perfumes made from chemicals may be harmful when used for long term.  On the other hand, fragrance or body spray made of spice oil is safe to use as the ingredients are naturally available and no artificial fragrance is added to them.

Spice Varieties from which oil is extracted

Cardamom, clove, ginger, vanilla, are some of the flavors most commonly used in perfume production. These spice varieties contain rich natural flavor and enhance the existing properties of supportive ingredients thus making the final product remain perfect in natural fragrance.

Spices used in Preparing Cosmetics

Popularity of Indian Spices in Global Market

When it comes to Pure Spices, India leads the role in supplying genuine spice varieties to the global market. The climatic condition and the different land forms make it favorable for Indian farmers to grow more spice varieties in India and export to other countries as well, meeting the ever increasing demand for Indian spices in the world market.

Homemade Cosmetics from Indian Spices

Homemade remedies are common in Indian Tradition and earlier before the introduction of processed cosmetic products, majority of Indian women prepared cosmetic products from the available spice range. For example, turmeric is a popular spice variety that is applied for skin care, healing of wounds, pimple cure, etc. Similarly, cloves were also applied for beauty care aspects.

Where to get Genuine Spices?

Duplicated and adulterated spices also are distributed in the market. However, getting pure spice ingredients will have great benefit when it is applied.

Solution: Premium Spices from Ramdev

Ramdev Food Products Pvt. Ltd is a pioneer in offering wide range of Indian spice varieties – turmeric, cloves, pepper, coriander, chilli, etc. We also supply spices which can be used for different industrial applications. We export pure spice products from India to different parts of the world and consumers can obtain genuine spices – from us.


Spices are generally used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. But the presence of spice oil which can be obtained only by extraction process makes it eligible for the cosmetic industry as well.

Good Health and Longevity with Spiced Tea

Every morning when you wake up, you like to have a hot cup of tea which refreshes you and provides you with all the health benefits. Tea contains good amount of polyphenols, and  anti-oxidants  which make it a healthy drink. In the green tea, the levels of polyphenols are more than in a black tea. As compared to coffee, tea has less caffeine which is good for people suffering from anxiety.

Spices added to tea make the tea even more healthy. Spiced tea improves digestion, decreases inflammation and reduces the dangers of many diseases, it improves your life and you live longer.

Spiced Tea – Good Health

Tea with a number of spices added to it, taken hot in winter or with ice in summer, is delicious, refreshing and full of health benefits. It provides you the benefits of tea as well as health benefits of all the spices added to it.

Good Health and Longevity with Spiced Tea

Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger etc. are blended spices in Masala tea to give it that exotic taste.

  • Cinnamon – It improves circulation of blood, decreases fatigue, improves energy and strength. It helps the body to fight flu, cold and sore throat. It acts as a remedy for upset stomach and also adds warmth to the body. It stimulates the brain, and increases awareness. It helps to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. 
  • Cardamom – Cardamoms helps to reduce gas, nausea, heartburn and cures upset stomach. As it improves circulation it arouses the mind, and improves appetite, makes lungs, kidneys and heart stronger. It also helps to cure allergies due to dairy products.
  • Cloves – Cloves help to relieve pain and have anti-septic properties. It produces heat in the body which is needed during cold or flu infection. These are used as breath fresheners and reduce tooth pain.
  • Black Pepper – It improves blood circulation and aids metabolism. It reduces and eases cold and cough.
  • Ginger – Ginger is often added to tea during winter as it soothes sour throat and helps to reduce cough. It has compounds which reduce motion sickness. It has high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants which give it these healing qualities. It improves blood circulation and thus help to fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

All these spices together add a lot of goodness in the Spiced Masala Tea. Hence when consumed regularly it:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer as these spices have anti-oxidants and phytochemicals which have properties to prevent cancer.
  • Prevents colds since the anti-oxidants and phytochemicals  improve the immune system. These spices add heat to our body system.
  • Boosts metabolism as spices help to produce pancreatic enzymes and digestive juices. More fat is broken down and more oxygen circulates in the blood stream.
  • Prevents diabetes as these spices help to regulate the sugar levels in the blood.
  • Reduces bloating or the feeling of excess gas. Spices improve the working of the stomach and intestines by improving the digestive system.
  • Enhances energy as spices are natural stimulants.
  • Improves immune system as these spices contain anti-oxidants.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain due to the presence of anti-oxidants and polyphenols.

When your immune system is strong and your body can fight infections and diseases, you feel active and physically fit & you have good health, so you live longer.

Indian Spices for Healthy Heart

To stay healthy man has turned to natural remedies since generations. ‘Grand-mother’s remedies’ are popular in every household even today. You get upset stomach, and your mother gives you a concoction of ‘ajwain’ or mint or some other herbs and spices.

Indian spices are known for their health benefits. Different spices are beneficial to us in different ways.

Spices for Healthy Heart

We often talk about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol or Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) is the major cause of blockage in arteries. Good cholesterol or the High Density Lipoproteins (HDL) aid in removing LDL from the blood stream and thus prevent blockage in the arteries, which is the main cause of heart diseases.


Cinnamon is known to decrease triglycerides, and cholesterol. The arteries in the heart and in the body get blocked due to high levels of cholesterol. A quarter or half a spoon of cinnamon taken daily can reduce triglycerides, and cholesterol by 12 to 30 percent in our body.

Cinnamon even prevents blood clots and contains anti-oxidants. As it is rich in fibre, it also helps to reduce heartburn.

Cinnamon taken regularly reduces fat in the blood vessels, thus reducing weight of the body. Fat around your belly is responsible for heart diseases and cinnamon helps to reduce that too.


Cloves contain anti-oxidants and they have anti-inflammatory properties which protect you from heart diseases.


Coriander has anti-oxidant properties and is known to reduce cholesterol and thus prevent heart diseases. The two main compounds of coriander seeds, linaloon and decanoic acid, are known to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Many studies have shown that coriander lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.

People suffering from heart disease can soak a tea spoon of coriander seeds overnight and have them in the morning.


Turmeric is known as the ‘golden spice’ due to its many health benefits and medicinal properties. The Curcumin found in turmeric has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting and anti-proliferative properties. It lowers cholesterol level in the blood and prevents cardiovascular problems. It also prevents the formation of blood clots in the body and improves blood circulation.

One spoon of turmeric powder taken daily in warm milk helps to prevent heart diseases.

Indian Spices for Healthy Heart

Black Pepper

A number of studies conducted have confirmed that black pepper helps to lower cholesterol and aids in the recuperation post heart attack.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are known to reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. It has the property to reduce triglycerides, cholesterol, and raises the levels of good cholesterol.


Eugenol, a compound found in nutmeg, is beneficial to the heart. 


Ginger contains bioactive compounds like gingerol which helps in relaxing blood vessels, stimulating the flow of the blood, and relieving pain. It is helpful to people suffering from heart ailments due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting properties. It also helps to lower cholesterol.


Garlic contains allicin, a sulfur compound which gives garlic its strong smell and all the medicinal benefits. If eaten everyday it is known to reduce the risk of heart disease by 75%, it reduces the level of cholesterol, makes blood thin, thus prevents the formation of blood clots. It also has anti-oxidant properties.

Hence, in order to obtain maximum benefits from these Indian spices it is important to make them a part of our daily diet.