Instant Mixes – Faster Way of Cooking Lip Smacking Food

In order to manage the busy working schedules, present day women are trying to find easier and faster ways of cooking lip smacking food. Instant Mixes provide homemakers a convenient and faster way of making different kinds of time consuming tasty food items. Keeping in view the tastes and likes of the people, Ramdev Food Products puts in its experience to create exotic range of instant mixes for preparing mouth watering food suited to the diverse eating habits of the people. These mixes, usually consisting of processed cereals, pulses, condiments, Indian spices or other foods mixed in varying combinations, promise the Indian homemaker with less effort requiring tasty Indian dishes. Instant mixes at Ramdev Food Products are readily available for a plethora of preparations like the traditional gulab jamun mix, idli mix, dosa mix, dhokla mix, dalwada mix, dahiwada mix, khaman mix, pizza mix and instant methi gota mix.

Instant idli mix and dosa mix:

Having good nutrient values idlis are perfect fit into the insubstantial menu of morning breakfast and evening snacks. The traditionally made batter of idli mix available in different packing sizes is the best way to prepare fluffy, soft, and light idlis easily. When it comes to the most savored and popular south Indian breakfast item, first thing that comes to the mind are crispy, smooth and authentic dosas which can be easily prepared without traditional elaborate steps by our best made instant dosa mix.

Instant dhokla mix:

Dhokla, a spicy softer version of corn bread, is a popular lentil-based snack that originates from the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra in India made from fermented batter. The quality dhokla mix is the time saving and effortless way of preparing soft and yummy dhoklas which when garnished with coriander and coconut makes the best served Gujarati dish.

Instant Gulab Jamun mix:

No one can imagine the Indian festive cuisine without desserts or sweets. The delicious, soft and supple gulab jamuns are the most favourite of all the Indian desserts and loved all over India. The most succulent, luscious and mouth watering gulab jamuns within no time can be best prepared with our quality instant gulab jamun mix available in best packing sizes suited to any requirement.

Pizza mix:

With an increased westernization of eating habits pizzas are gaining wide popularity in India. The notion that lot of time and effort is required for making the pizza has laid to be false with our carefully prepared pizza instant mix that prepares the pizza base with only the addition of water.

Preparing recipes from the readily available instant mixes does not require compensating on the taste of the food. The food prepared from these instant mixes is as tasty as the one prepared from the time consuming traditional methods. So now-a-days these instant mixes are usually available in wide varieties and can also be stored for ample of time. The vast range of instant mixes has made the laborious kitchen job of the modern working Indian women easy and effortless.

So whatever may be the recipe and however time consuming it may be, now it is all easy with the wide range of instant mixes available at Ramdev food Products. You need not think over to serve your family with the best mouth watering recipes. Just order our instant mixes or get further details from

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Indian spices have been famed throughout the world since times immemorial and have been closely associated with cultural traditions, magic, preservation, medicine and embalming. Spices of India have found mention 7000 years ago in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Arabia and China, far before the Greek and Roman civilisations came into being. In fact, India’s history has been re-scripted by the Europeans’ quest for our famed spices.

At Ramdev, we understand the splendour that Indian spices have stood for through many millennia and count ourselves amongst the custodians of this great heritage. For half a century, through the purity and quality of our spices, we have reiterated the sobriquet of ‘Spice Land’ for India. Our business footprint and loyal customers across the world are our testimonials for consistently delivering the finest grade of spices in multifarious forms year after year.