Avoid Junk Food – Homemade Food from Fresh Ingredients for Healthy Life


Just what is junk food?

Junk food is everywhere ….in shops and supermarkets and fast-food restaurants. It’s fairly cheap and all of us love eating it. Most people would describe junk food as…

Food you get from many fast-food restaurants and takeaways such as burgers, French-fries, pastries, pies, pizza and doughnuts.

Snack foods such as crisps, sweets, chocolates, some biscuits and cakes and fizzy drinks.

Some of the processed foods that have been made or put together in a factory, which you buy from the supermarket, such as frozen pizza or ready meals.

Most people agree that eating this kind of food isn’t healthy.

What makes it junk?

Junk food tends to be high in fat, sugar and salt. Everyone needs some fat, sugar and salt, but too much can be unhealthy. Sugar and fat give you energy, but if you combine too much energy with too much energy with too little exercise, it’s fattening. What your body needs to be healthy and what junk food doesn’t really have much of is… nutrients, or goodness. Nutrients are in fresh and natural foods. Unfortunately, when food is processed, some of the goodness goes out of it and can sometimes be lost altogether.

What’s wrong with eating it?

Nothing, as long as you only eat junk sometimes, and you eat a variety of healthier foods too. The problems only start when you eat too much. It can rot your teeth, make you pile on weight and generally make you unhealthy. After a while, it may even damage your heart.

What makes people eat it?

Lot of people eat junk food because it’s convenient. It’s ready to eat straightaway, or takes very little preparation and cooking time. You can find it anywhere and it is fairly cheap. And above all, most people think it tastes pretty good.

Why does it taste so good?

The answer is simple…it’s all the sugar, salt and fat. Most people like the taste of sugar and salt. The smell of cooking fat is tempting. And if you like the smell, it excites the part of your brain that makes you feel good. So…..a waft of French fries alone could send you running into a fast-food restaurant for a sneaky cheeseburger. Another reason people often reach for the junk is for a quick energy boost. Fat and sugar give you a lot of energy, fast. Fat contains twice the energy of most other kinds of food, and sugar is easily absorbed into your body. This means you feel the effects immediately. But, if you eat too much of it and don’t exercise to burn off the excess, it will build up as body fat.

Junk food wasn’t always around. In fact, it’s fairly new. Before the huge supermarkets and fast-food restaurants, people bought their food from the local shops and markets selling it straight from the farms. Everyone had to make their meals from a scratch, because there was little processed food and no ready meals. There was no fast food either, so people couldn’t just grab the food on the go. Today, junk food is a part of most peoples’ lives. But people should prefer to have homemade food cooked from fresh ingredients to save their body from trans fat, cholesterol, preservatives and other dangerous chemicals. You also can make sure that you are only utilizing high quality fresh basic spices and organic ingredients including instant mixes.

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