Good Health and Longevity with Spiced Tea

Every morning when you wake up, you like to have a hot cup of tea which refreshes you and provides you with all the health benefits. Tea contains good amount of polyphenols, and  anti-oxidants  which make it a healthy drink. In the green tea, the levels of polyphenols are more than in a black tea. As compared to coffee, tea has less caffeine which is good for people suffering from anxiety.

Spices added to tea make the tea even more healthy. Spiced tea improves digestion, decreases inflammation and reduces the dangers of many diseases, it improves your life and you live longer.

Spiced Tea – Good Health

Tea with a number of spices added to it, taken hot in winter or with ice in summer, is delicious, refreshing and full of health benefits. It provides you the benefits of tea as well as health benefits of all the spices added to it.

Good Health and Longevity with Spiced Tea

Cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger etc. are blended spices in Masala tea to give it that exotic taste.

  • Cinnamon – It improves circulation of blood, decreases fatigue, improves energy and strength. It helps the body to fight flu, cold and sore throat. It acts as a remedy for upset stomach and also adds warmth to the body. It stimulates the brain, and increases awareness. It helps to reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol. 
  • Cardamom – Cardamoms helps to reduce gas, nausea, heartburn and cures upset stomach. As it improves circulation it arouses the mind, and improves appetite, makes lungs, kidneys and heart stronger. It also helps to cure allergies due to dairy products.
  • Cloves – Cloves help to relieve pain and have anti-septic properties. It produces heat in the body which is needed during cold or flu infection. These are used as breath fresheners and reduce tooth pain.
  • Black Pepper – It improves blood circulation and aids metabolism. It reduces and eases cold and cough.
  • Ginger – Ginger is often added to tea during winter as it soothes sour throat and helps to reduce cough. It has compounds which reduce motion sickness. It has high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants which give it these healing qualities. It improves blood circulation and thus help to fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

All these spices together add a lot of goodness in the Spiced Masala Tea. Hence when consumed regularly it:

  • Reduces the risk of cancer as these spices have anti-oxidants and phytochemicals which have properties to prevent cancer.
  • Prevents colds since the anti-oxidants and phytochemicals  improve the immune system. These spices add heat to our body system.
  • Boosts metabolism as spices help to produce pancreatic enzymes and digestive juices. More fat is broken down and more oxygen circulates in the blood stream.
  • Prevents diabetes as these spices help to regulate the sugar levels in the blood.
  • Reduces bloating or the feeling of excess gas. Spices improve the working of the stomach and intestines by improving the digestive system.
  • Enhances energy as spices are natural stimulants.
  • Improves immune system as these spices contain anti-oxidants.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain due to the presence of anti-oxidants and polyphenols.

When your immune system is strong and your body can fight infections and diseases, you feel active and physically fit & you have good health, so you live longer.

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Indian spices have been famed throughout the world since times immemorial and have been closely associated with cultural traditions, magic, preservation, medicine and embalming. Spices of India have found mention 7000 years ago in the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Sumeria, Arabia and China, far before the Greek and Roman civilisations came into being. In fact, India’s history has been re-scripted by the Europeans’ quest for our famed spices.

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